We’re a couple of West Coast Boys born and raised in Victoria B.C. We both shared a love for basketball growing up and after high school Isaac went off to play at Trinity Western University and I played at Camosun College. Shortly after finishing University Isaac moved to Lytton B.C. and we didn't see much of each other during that time but a few years later we reconnected when he moved back.

In Victoria, during one of our late night rounds of golf, Isaac was talking about this bathtub floating thing that he was interested in. Now I need to interject at this point in the story; as a youngster Isaac was the kind of kid who ate mayo mustard crackers and ate cereal from ice cream pales. Now, he was trying raw meat diets, growing his own wheatgrass and talking about floating in a capsule so I didn’t know quite what to think of this float idea.


A few weeks later I was listening to a Joe Rogan Podcast episode where he mentioned that he had his own float tank in his house and how great it was for his body and mind. This got me more intrigued and we began researching the industry. Soon thereafter, we put together a business plan and started looking for potential locations. The idea of starting a Float Center excited us both as we were at a crossroads in our lives and looking for something to put our energy into. We ended up hitting a few snags along the way though which forced us to find another city. Ultimately, we decided on Calgary as our next potential location.


Calgary, here we come! 



In February 2014, in the dead of winter, Isaac hopped on a Greyhound set for Calgary to scope out potential locations. I stayed in Victoria where I continued to work for another month. Every few days Isaac would email me videos of vacant spaces. He got around by bus and on foot in -20 Degree Celsius weather. I could hear the pain in his voice and the videos were super short and shaky but at the very least I was able to get an idea of what the city had to offer. I moved to Calgary a month later to help Isaac with the search and we settled on a location in Kensington for our first location.


We’re open for business!



In the beginning the float center didn’t look like much. We couldn’t afford a designer so it was a lot of bare white walls but we were just ecstatic to be able to offer Floating in Calgary!

We have since opened a second location in Marda Loop and our passion and energy to deliver the best floats we can still burns strong.

Our Mission is to deliver a clean, safe and welcoming space for Floaters to relax and chill out. We love floating and it has helped us in numerous ways.


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