Go in with no expectations

A lot has been written on the internet about people’s floating experiences. No two peoples’ experiences are the same. Even my own floating experiences very from float to float. If you are really interested in floating and the potential benefits,I suggest floating 2-3 times within a few week period and really experience it for yourself. You will find that the more times you float the easier it is to relax and the deeper you can go. Much like playing a sport or meditating, it requires practice and the more you do it the greater your return both physically and mentally. I found that my first few floats were good but not ground-breaking. I moved around a bit as I got used to the new sensations of floating but after doing it a couple of times I was able to achieve a level of relaxation that I’ve never been able to achieve anywhere else.

Go in with a clear mind

It’s a good idea to avoid all forms of electronics including computers, tablets, phones and T.V. for at least half an hour before going in for a float. Over stimulating the nervous with artificial lights will make it more challenging to relax. I personally like to go for a workout or spend time outside before going in.Working out and getting the body moving right before a float can make it easier to relax and the brain gets a rush of endorphins and serotonin putting you in a good mental state.

Don’t try so hard

I often hear customers say, “I couldn’t shut off my brain while floating. I spent the whole time thinking.” Quieting the mind and achieving a state of nothingness is a worthy goal but it can be quite challenging especially if you’re coming in with little to no meditation experience. I would suggest not placing too much of an emphasis on it especially for your first few floats. The last thing you want to be doing is trying too hard for a specific outcome. I always tell people to just relax and enjoy the experience.

One of the things I’ll say about floating is that it can give you a certain level of clarity in your thinking that is difficult to achieve anywhere else. I’ll often spend the first 15-20 minutes of each float thinking and reflecting. I enjoy that aspect of floating as much as the meditative aspect of it. With that being said,if you do want to quiet the mind I suggest bringing your focus to something such as the breath and when your mind wonders don’t beat yourself up over it, just bring your attention back and be present in the moment.Enjoy the experience for what it is and let your relationship with floating evolve. The benefit or reason that got you to float in the first place may not be the reason that keeps you coming back.