I’m Daniel, a 32 year old born and raised Calgary. It’s a well-known fact that I’m an unconventional man, someone who’s been on the road less traveled for the majority of their time on earth. January 2015 marked a mile stone for my life. After being spurned by a wonderful lover, moving to a new home and shifting gears in my career I was left feeling like I didn’t know who I was anymore. Don’t get the wrong idea, I was still ambitious and surrounded by love but there was something amiss deep within my being. Intuitively I could sense that there was a problem. As it turns out FloatLife was the crux of me finding the solution to issues that went much deeper that I could have ever imagined.

Float therapy has assisted me down the proverbial rabbit hole further and faster than any other personal development tools or methods have. Believe me, I’ve done everything from Vipassana sits and yoga teacher training to secret society’s and using sound to manipulate the electromagnetic frequency of my brain. It all works just not as good as floating. There may be a possibility that all my concentration experimentation coalesced into a better floating experience. After a float most people have a twinkle in their eyes and a glow on their face. It would be great to have some scientific evidence to back this claim. All I know is that it works for me.

Being young and reckless eventually takes its toll on the body. For the last decade my thoracic and lumbar spine have cause me a great deal of pain. Sometime leaving me bed ridden. The lumbar injury was a work related fall and the thorax was a sports related injury. Acupuncture, STIM and massage therapy all provided temporary relief. Since I began floating some slight stiffness is all I notice. The high grade Epsom salts seem to be doing the trick. I also believe that being in a sensory deprived environment allows a type of relaxation that is otherwise very hard to achieve. This deep relaxation somehow gives my body the opportunity to rejuvenate faster and more fully. The subconscious is a magnificent faculty. All we need to do sometimes is step back and let it do its job.

The greatest benefits I’ve derived from float therapy would have to be in the area of mental health. Being diagnosed with mild anxiety and mild depression as a young teenager spurred my interest in natural ways to help myself. From the beginning it has been my stance to not use pharmaceutical treatments. Plenty of fresh air, clean food and a healthy information diet makes all the difference. For some reason I always have to take life one step further. Plumbing the depths and soaring the heights of human potential are where this life path has taken me. In the pod I can completely be myself for myself. The only person there to commune with is me. The ego deflates and I’m literally left naked with my True Self. Whenever I have a question or problem, stepping into the ‘think tank’ is a sure fire way to discover an answer. For example, before public speaking reciting positive affirmations in the pod boosts my confidence. It’s as if anything I think in there is amplified by a magnitude of ten.

During the last 11 months I have floated at least once per week. Looking back I can clearly see that is has been one of the most positive changes that has ever happened to me. I sense these improvements are permanent. Flotation therapy can be used as a sort of rebooting mechanism for the mind. Physical rejuvenation is a side effect that I accept graciously and without regret. Every minute spent in the pod has been well spent. On top of it all I’ve made great friends while hanging out at FloatLife. It feels like the owners, employees and patrons alike understand and accept me. I’ll know I’ll be floating with FloatLife for a long time to come. My gratitude extends beyond the spoken the word.