Floating is a very individual practice that you want to be consistent with but how often you float may depend on what you want to get out of it. There are many benefits that attract people to floating including stress relief, relaxation/meditation, chronic pain relief, enhancing overall wellbeing and improving sleep; depending on your reason for floating you may want to adjust how often you float. Again, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to floating but here are some basic guidelines to help you get started.

Chronic Pain 7-10 sessions over a one month period

Research has shown that floating consistently (2-3 sessions a week) over a 3 week period can significantly reduce pain. Dr. Dan Engel MD, a practicing psychiatrist and board certified in psychiatry and neurology, believes it’s because floating starts to repair the body’s relationship with itself; it helps the body repair its own opioid production as well as its own pain molecule production. For those suffering from chronic pain Dr. Engel suggests floating 7-10 sessions with a few week period; we’ve personally seen people from the Chronic Pain Clinic and the Calgary Neuropathy Association see a reduction in their pain levels after their first float.

Anxiety and Insomnia 3-7 sessions over a one month period

Dr. Dan Engle suggests 3-7 sessions 2-3 a week for three or four weeks for those experiencing anxiety or insomnia. In a study published in the International Journal of Stress Management found that floating can reduce your anxiety and improve sleep.

Personal Development/Wellbeing 2-3 Sessions over a few week period

In general, most of our regular customers float at least a couple times a month and I personally fall into this category and float for overall wellbeing as well as to help alleviate any aches and pains. If I go a few weeks without floating I start crave that physical and mental reset that floating provides.

Our recommendation for any first time floater is to float 2-3 times within a few week period. During the first float you may spend the better part of it getting used to the new environment but after you get comfortable that’s when you can achieve a deep relaxed state. Sometimes it takes a float or two to get there; but the more times you float in a short period of time, say one month, the more comfortable you’ll get. With that being said people can feel great after their very first float. You don’t have to wait to receive the benefits of floating. And the good news is you can’t overdose on floating; we have had individuals float 40 days and 80 days in a row without any ill effects.